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Investment Opportunities in Africa are basically unlimited. There are lots of untapped opportunities and an unfathomable large scale of consumption which was projected to run into $1 trillion as at 2012, this could have doubled or even tripled into the years... Read more



HE Invest basically exist to make investment in Africa STRESS FREE for all. We want to make investment in Africa the easiet venture anyone will ever embark on. We understand the governments, the processes, the protocols, the rules and regulations, the opportunities and how to source for all avaliable resources any company coming into Africa will ever need, most of all we have the skills and services. So what we actually do is to help companies fully and comfortably thread through all the due processes as they come into Africa and after they come in we keep working for them until they are fully established. This can be summarized by saying we set the performance stage for international companies ready to take advantage and enjoy all that Africa has to offer. Our Services cut across 6 majot fields as listed below.

  • Business solutions services

    Our Business Solution services usually starts with registering the company in its interest country which is a major pre-requisite for doing business in any country...
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  • real estate services

    Our Real Estate Services are usually a prime requirement for companies coming into Africa. We help them choose the best possible place to locate their plants, companies or Factories ...

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  • advertising

    We develope effective adverts that can reach out to the exact group of people a company may be trying to reach. Adverts to reach people in the rural communities, in the urban areas ...

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  • maritime services

    Our Maritime Services in HEINVEST solves the problem of enabling companies come into Africa with their equipments and facilities with easy. We also enable companies with ...

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  • oil and gas supplies

    We realize the challenges that could arise in the need for constant and consistent power supply so we are always ready to effect delivery of all petroleum products that may be required...

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  • information technology

    We can take care of all Information Support Services any incoming company may need. From Networking the entire work enviroment to installation of Surveillance ...

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Huxon Edge Invest is a Service Project that solely focuses on enabling investors take full advantage of the Potentials of Africa. We have via rigourous research discovered that Africa presently offers an outstanding Profit Capacity most people have not discovered. The summary of our existence is to help all and sundary successfully work through the rigours of investing in Africa, transcend all challenges that may arise and establish highly profitable productive systems. We are sold out to giving our maximum support to ensure our clients have a great experience in establishing their Companies, Factories, Manufacturing and Production Plants in Africa

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Virtually every inch of the African soil is notoriously laced with some of the most appealing mineral resources in the world, many undiscovered, Africa is one of the Continents with the richest deposit of untapped mineral resources ...

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Africa is presently one of the few places in the world where you can find all the undeveloped space you need to build anything you want - from vast agricultural farm lands that could run into square miles, to private seaports...

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agricultural RESOURCES

Most parts of africa have very good loamy soil which is the best planting and growing different types of crops. The are very rich crops that are known to grow in very large scale in Africa which most companies can use as raw materials ...

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There are over billion human resources in Africa presently willing to be engaged in employed labour especially in Nigeria. Every good employment opportunity in Africa has someone willing to take it up, all companies need to do is ...

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cultural values

An average African Child both from Urban and Rural homes are laced with Values and taught to be decent, and exude good morals. Some Postrating as they greet. The African cultural set up in most parts is void of ...

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tourism and arts

The beautiful thing about investing in Africa is that it can at all times serve as a beautiful get away from the natural enviroment you are used to. So many torist sites you can enjoy and spend your weekends in. The Caves, famous Obudu ...

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